Thursday, January 16, 2020

Religion and Diversity Management

Diversity Management Why is it important for an organization to have a clear definition of diversity? What organizations can you identify that exemplify each of the diversity management paradigms: resistance, discrimination-and-fairness, access-and-legitimacy, and integration-and-learning? It is important for an organization to have a clear definition of diversity, because without it an organization the organization would not be able to get behind the notion of diversity in the organization and also allow the organization to move forward and determine what is expected from management and other associates of the organization.With a clear definition of diversity it will enable the organization to hiring and retaining top talent, have new perspectives and approaches in solving problems, and improved relationships with other outside the organization that provide a service to the organization. The organization that I can identify that exemplify each of the diversity management paradigms i t the U. S. Armed Forces because virtually every possible ethnic and religious group is represented. The Armed Forces tries to judge it people by his or her performance and not by race, color, religion or gender.The Armed Forces exemplify the discrimination and fairness paradigm by which that it don’t assimilate diversity in the organization without acknowledging there is a difference, which would cause some of the organization to ignore diversity while others attempt to work with it, which would cause un-unity and weaken the force. Also the use of the access and legitimacy paradigm plays a great part of the unity because as the people felt more comfortable dealing with people who look like they do (uniforms). I believe that gave the organization immediate access to different demographic groups to be gel into one strong unified force.

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