Saturday, February 15, 2020

Variance Analysis Case Study Speech or Presentation

Variance Analysis Case Study - Speech or Presentation Example Educate the financial analysts and managers about the relationship between revenue, activities and expense in product line such as OTHER to avoid over budgeting the funds which can lead to poor financial health. The people to be held accountable to provide ideas based on their performance are practitioners who should avoid billing services not performed, falsifying a diagnosis, billing duplicate for a one service performed and misrepresentation procedures. Reinsurance: the main goal here is to offload risk and reward to the re-insurer for stable operating results. This is because the providers who cannot afford reinsurance that might lead to deplete in inadequate capitation payment s must be paid by other providers. Incentives: physicians to be given incentive for the consideration of cost of treatment because under pure capitation, fee per patient is predetermined regardless of the degree of infirmity. This gives physicians an incentive to avoid costly

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